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Dust Suppression

Dust suppression is a vital, yet often overlooked aspect of construction projects which involves bulk materials. As the name suggests, the purpose is to suppress and control the amount of dust which is generated and airborne on site, which not only poses as a health risk for the workers, it can also damage machinery which can lead to expensive repairs.

In large-scale projects such as demolitions and the quarrying sites, sufficient dust control is a legal requirement to meet certain aspects of health, safety and environmental requirements. 

However,  dust suppression is not only reserved for industrial projects. Dust is generated from dry, bulky materials such as aggregates or powders, such as cement mixes, it's also common by-product of demolition and excavation projects. Dust can become airborne quickly due to its light weight, causing at the very least, a mild inconvenience.

As Aberdeen's leading agricultural contractors, you can count on Telford Contracting Ltd to provide a one-stop solution to all of your machinery needs. Within our versatile fleet is a dust suppression tanker which can be used for a wide variety of projects, including roadworks, construction and demolition. The output nozzle can be changed from spray to water cannon depending on the requirements of the project.

Our equipment is available to hire with a fully-trained and licensed driver who has years of experience in the industry. From our central location in Aberdeen, our flexible plant hire service is available throughout Aberdeenshire and Scotland. If you have any questions regarding our services or equipment, please simply give us a call at Telford Contracting Ltd to speak with our friendly team.

Q: What are the benefits of dust suppression?

A: Uncontrolled dust can lead to complex and irreversible damages with the health and wellbeing of the employees; an infamous example is Coal Workers Pneumoconiosis, otherwise known as Black Lung Disease, commonly affecting the respiratory system of coal miners who have inhaled coal dust over the years. Large amounts of airborne dust can also build up within mechanical parts of machinery, resulting in malfunctions and repairs, as well as clogging pipes and affecting anything which takes time to cure and set, such as cement.

Q: How does dust suppression work?

A: Dust is closely associated with the dryness of the surface, thus is easily remedied by applying moisture to the surface, such as water. This method is called wet suppression, which effectively 'weighs' the dust down and stops it from getting airborne. However, this should be done in moderation to avoid risks of over-compensating and creating water-logged and unsafe working surfaces.

Telford Contracting Ltd offer agricultural plant hire throughout Aberdeen, Peterhead and Dundee. Call our helpful team today to find out more about  dust suppression and agricultural contracting in North Scotland.