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What Are The Common Uses Of A Tractor

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  • 24-02-2023
What Are The Common Uses Of A Tractor

What are the common uses of a tractor? If you are considering the benefits of hiring a tractor, we look at the common uses of tractors in agricultural industries. 

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Common Uses of a Tractor

Classic farm tractors are a type of agricultural machinery used for a range of purposes. You can use these robust and versatile farm vehicles for almost any task in the agriculture industry, construction projects or forestry tasks. However, you should always be careful when you drive mechanical farm machinery in order to avoid tractor-related injuries.

After all, they aren't toys, and you should always be safe and responsible when operating tractors to avoid tractor overturns and other hazardous incidents. This is to protect both the operator and anyone nearby.

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Early tractors have come a long way since the days when farmers had to use steam engines and steam tractors to work farming fields. Thankfully these older tractors have since been replaced with more convenient and reliable models if you need a tractor. 


Compact utility tractors and most modern tractors are very common on construction sites. They can be used for most construction tasks, from digging holes to demolishing and carrying heavy tools and equipment or unloading building materials across the work site.

Naturally, depending on the size of your construction project, a compact utility tractor might not cut it, and you may need to choose a larger agricultural tractor with more capacity. The versatility of tractors extends to the agricultural implements you can attach to them via the three-point hitch most tractors are fitted with.

From backhoe loaders, front-end loaders and pallet forks to sets of two hydraulic-powered arms to rock rollers, there is a range of other attachments that can help speed up your construction project and help you bring it in on time. Additionally, properly maintaining and caring for the tractors you use is the best way to ensure they're there for you when you need them to do the heavy lifting.


Tractors are associated most with farming for a reason. Full-sized agricultural tractors are the ideal tool to help with a range of farming duties. Regardless of the type of farming you do, large agricultural tractors can help with cultivation, fertilisation, tending livestock and a host of other tasks on your farm.

Again, row crop tractors are perfect for improving your work's efficiency, helping you be more productive and minimising labour costs. Attaching high-quality powered farm equipment to your tractors is the best way to improve efficiency, allowing you to take full advantage of your tractors' versatility.

From rotary cutters to post hole diggers, there is a wealth of attachments to choose from. You can even connect your smartphone to the power output on many modern tractors, which can help you maximise your yields and stay connected with the farming community in your area.

What Are The Common Uses Of A Tractor? Agricultural Contractors Scotland

 Removing Debris

Industrial tractors have serious engine power, making them the perfect machine for removing debris from construction sites or anywhere else.

Petrol-powered tractors with reliable internal combustion engines can efficiently remove debris and waste materials from worksites. Bucket attachments with the right capacity and size will allow you to haul whatever debris and heavy materials you need to move, including fallen trees, lumps of concrete and scrap metal.

 Mowing Heavy Brush

When it comes to hedge trimming and generally dealing with heavy brush, tractors are one of the handiest tools to have. Whether using a tractor to care for your garden at home or an entire golf course, with mower attachments and John Deere brush hogs, you can care for any size lawn or green space with this versatile piece of machinery.

Most people think of tractors being giant machines that belong on farms and other large sites, but compact models of tractor production are available for smaller domestic purposes. 


Agricultural tasks can extend to gardening, where tractors are also incredibly useful. Many will not think of tractors being applicable to smaller duties.

However, whether you are carrying brush, mowing or any other gardening task, tractors provide a way to make large or small jobs easier.

There really is no limit to the things you can do in your garden with the help of a tractor, from cultivating your garden, spreading fertilisers and seeds and digging trenches to direct drainage or water lines.

Also, with the right attachments, you can cut down hedges and bushes, plough snow, and gather cuttings with most lawn tractors or garden tractors.

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 Land Clearing

However, if you do own a lot of land and want to stay on top of it, then a tractor is the perfect machine for you. From clearing debris and rubbish to trimming greenery and other maintenance tasks, tractors offer landowners the perfect way to maintain their property.

Some debris, such as rocks, dead trees and other large objects, can seem impossible to shift on your own, but with a strong diesel-powered tractor, you can move these objects easily.

 Shifting Heavy Objects

Front-end loader attachments are the best way to move heavy loads with a tractor. After all, tractor pulling, lifting and generally moving heavy objects is essentially what tractors are built for.

The muscle power of most tractors will be enough to move things like heavy logs and rocks, but depending on the size of the objects you need to move, you may need to check your tractor is powerful enough.


While they are powerful pieces of machinery, tractors are also well-suited to more intricate tasks, such as cultivating fields. 

Being able to control engine speed with hydrostatic transmissions means you can pull disks, seed drills, ploughs, rotary tillers and motorised cultivators to plant whatever you need.


Rewilding, planting trees and caring for our ecosystems through sustainable landscaping are more important now than ever before.

When attempting to care for our planet through landscape maintenance, you can do any heavy lifting, mowing, planting or other landscaping duties you need to perform with the help of a reliable tractor at constant speeds.

If you want to dig small ponds or dig foundations while being able to perform several other duties with one machine, many farmers and landscapers will find small tractors ideal for landscaping. 

Landscaping - What are the common uses of a tractor?

 Livestock Management

When poor weather strikes and you need to move animals and feed indoors quickly, nothing beats having a reliable tractor to hand.

With their pulling power and handling control, tractors are strong but nimble vehicles ideal for moving livestock and heavy materials across rugged terrain.

 Emergency Backup

Tractors aren't only useful for heavy lifting and pulling. You can use your tractor as a moveable power source with a reliable and portable reservoir of electrical energy in the battery.

Whether you want to power lights, power tools such as saws and drills or even communication equipment, connecting a 110-inverter to your battery and your tractor proves, even more, how versatile a tool it can be.

 Removing Snow

Heavy snow can be a real nuisance, especially in remote areas where gritting by local councils isn't possible. Therefore, farmers and those living in rural areas can benefit from having a reliable snow removal tool within reach.

Tractors with snow plough attachments are the perfect machinery for the job. 

 Emergency Help for Natural Disasters

While we don't see many natural disasters here in the UK, severe weather, storms, high winds and flooding are dangers our climate can throw at us from time to time. When these disasters strike, having a robust vehicle with a large wheelbase, like a crawler tractor, can be a lifesaver.

Whether you need to clear roads of blown-over trees or wade through flooded roads, boggy mud or other non-durable surfaces, four-wheel-drive tractors can help you recover from severe weather events. Tractors are the ideal vehicle to help others struggling with extreme weather too.

Emergency Help - What are the common uses of a tractor?

Types of Tractor Units in Agriculture

Implement Carrier Tractors

This is possibly the most versatile type of tractor you can buy since their entire purpose is to have different powered and non-powered farm implements attached to them, depending on their need. Possible attachable implements include:

  • Drills
  • Sprayers
  • Loaders
  • Rotary sweepers
  • Seed drills
  • Buckets
  • Mowers

Most are also fitted with an extended chassis between the tyres to carry the implements you want to fit them with. 

Types of Tractor Units in Agriculture

Utility Tractors

Utility tractors are perfect for those working in agriculture, as they can perform various tasks that usually require multiple pieces of machinery, helping you to cut costs and save money.

With their heavy pulling capabilities, utility tractors deliver between 45 HP to 140 HP of power, allowing you to move heavy farming equipment, such as harvesters, seed drills and threshing machines. 

Compact Tractors

Compact tractors, also known as mini tractors, are best used in agricultural areas with limited space, such as orchards or vineyards.

They usually have more comfortable seating, enclosed cabs, seat belts and a narrower wheelbase, making them agile and easy to control. Whether you need to trim your apple trees or head out and collect some delicious fruit with tree shakers attached, compact tractors are your best choice. 

Two-wheel Tractors

Two-wheel tractors are hand-operated machines that have a range of applications, including tilling, ploughing and pulling other small machines like harvesters or trailers. They are ideal for work in gardens thanks to their compact size, while their diesel engines provide plenty of muscle power. 

Garden Tractors

You might think of a garden tractor as a powerful ride-on mower that can serve other purposes besides just mowing your grass. They're perfect for that, but they can also help with any heavy lifting or pulling you need to do.

Row Crop Tractors

Farmers grow plants and crops in rows to reduce soil pressure and better control weeds. Row crop tractors are, therefore, well-suited to working in these conditions and can be used for a range of tasks, including:

  • Ploughing
  • Levelling
  • Pulling seed drills
  • Harrowing
  • Weed control

Since they are working directly on top of the ground, row crop tractors typically have a higher ground clearance and adjustable row spacing at slow speeds. 

Row Crop Tractors - common uses of a tractor

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