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Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, Telford Contracting Ltd have answered many questions from customers who might not be as familiar with agricultural contracting. 

After all, agricultural contracting encompasses a wide variety of activities and tasks that can be used in all types of projects. We have compiled a handy list of the most frequently asked questions below. 

If your question is not listed, please simply get in touch via the details on the right hand side and we will be more than happy to help. 

There are so many uses for the HIAB trailer, and they come in many different types and scales to match different project requirements. These trailers can be mounted into flat-bed trailers to make them easier to transport.

-Transporting heavy loads
-Lifting heavy loads 
-Machinery relocation
-Material delivery
-Fencing installation

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Agricultural contracting is used by farmers to complete tasks around the farm to ensure all the jobs are done on schedule. Here are some of the agricultural services done by farmers:

-Combine Harvesting
-Crop Spraying
-Dry Sowing & Hydro-Seeding
-Silage & Bailing  

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Having secondary machinery is important to ensure that you always have a backup in case factors affect the amount and size of the machinery that needs to be used. The factors that affect the amount of machinery that needs to be used include:

-Number of Crop Acres
-Labour Supply
-Tillage Practices
-Crop Mix
-Risk Management

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Agricultural contracting is used by farmers to complete tasks around the farm to ensure all the jobs are done on schedule. Here are some of the agricultural services done by farmers:

Combine Harvesting
Crop Spraying
Dry Sowing & Hydro-Seeding
Silage & Bailing  

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Machinery: Pickup Truck; Utility Vehicle; Compact Utility Tractor; Lawn Tractor

Tools and Equipment: Front-End Loader Attachments (including material buckets, pallet forks, and debris grapples); Lawn Care Equipment; Blades; Rotary Tiller; Post Hole Digger

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Arable Farming
Spring Barley 
Winter Wheat 
Winter Barley 
Oilseed Rape 
Fruit (strawberries, blackcurrants, and raspberries) 
Vegetables (peas, carrots, turnips and swedes)

The climate and the type of land can affect how much work the crofters can do and how much they will earn. There are over 750,000 hectares in the crofting tenure, and the crops are used to sell and feed the animals.

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Combine or Harvester
Fertiliser Spreaders
Wagons or Trailers
Plastic Mulch Layers

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If the amount of incoming water is higher than the amount of total drainage output and more than the soil can absorb, that particular piece of land could become waterlogged. 

This is either caused by rainwater or flooding from a nearby river. 

This will cause insects to breed on the ground, and the oxygen that plants require will be squeezed out, and the crops will drown. 

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Telford Contracting Ltd has over 20 years of experience in the agricultural fencing design and installation industry. 

So, if you are looking for a standalone service or a service as part of our agricultural contracting package across Aberdeenshire and other surrounding areas, we can help. 

If you require  agricultural fencing contractors in Aberdeen or throughout Scotland, we can help.

HIAB and Low Loader Trailers
Dust Suppression
Road Sweepers (Brushes included)
Water Bowsers
Telescopic Handlers
360 Excavators
Vacuum Tankers
Flat Trailers
Tipping Trailers
Bulk Blow Feeders
Gravel Trailers
Stone Collectors
Forklift Trucks

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Dust suppression is a vital part of construction and is essential for all construction sites. This is because most construction tasks generate dust, and the water and dust can call a solution. 

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Soil and plant fertilisation
Crop spraying 

If you require  agricultural machine hire in Scotland get in touch today.

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Arable farmers work the land to plant and produce a wide variety of grain crops for consumption, such as wheat and barley. Find out more about the types of businesses that use Arable Farming.

Rock Salt and Gritting

It is important to monitor local weather conditions, and gritters will be dispatched as and when required. 

However, it is the owner of the private property/private road's responsibility to maintain the road. The local council maintains normal public roads. 

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Brown rocksalt is used mostly for road gritting and is known as grit salt. White rock salt is used in areas where cleanliness and hygiene are vital.

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How To Use Rock Salt

Rock salt is made up of sodium chloride and forms in beds underground. Read more about rock salt and gritting in our article: What is grit salt made of?

Rock Salts can generally be found in any part of the world. It's usually found near water, as it occurs from the evaporation of seas, lakes and rivers. Read more in our article: What is rock salt?

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